Why we do it

We love this job

Estimating can be an extremely stressful and consuming task. Multiple projects, tight deadlines, huge pressure, and a lot at stake is not easy, or cheap. We get it, it's why we're here. 

Whether you're a multi-million dollar gorilla, or an up-and-coming threat, our goal is to give you an edge over your competition. If you're a one-man estimating department we can help you bid with the best, on every bid. Expanding your reach to another region? Lean on us to instantly double your output to gain foothold. Need peace of mind? Simply let us serve as a second, or third set of eyes on every bid you turn in. Even if you're just looking to fill an empty desk until you find the right person, we're here to help. 

Our service agreements are designed to work with you, and the ever-changing and unpredictable construction world we live in. We've got something that works for you. 

We live and breathe this stuff, so you can breathe easy. Whatever the challenge you face in your business, Takeoff Monkey is here to help. Let's work together.